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Discover where people click, with the world's first Banner Ad Heatmap

Our cutting edge analytics technology enables you to know where is the user clicking and where he isn't.

How to create a banner rotator

It's easy, just follow the steps below. Important: Make sure that the items you add are the same size as the rotator. For example, if you want to create a 300x250 rotator, you must add 300x250 items. Otherwise, your items will appear distorted.

Get advanced statistics based on user data

Understand the customer experience across all devices and see how the clicks and views metrics change depending on the screen size you are displaying the banner ad on.

Optimize your banners based on insights

Understand the kinds of content you need to create, the days when the user is most active and the types of audiences you need to focus your marketing and remarketing campaigns.

Design, track and improve your banner performance with Banner Maker.